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We are Arthur Levan and Patricia Bonte and will help you create that perfect wedding speech. Our books will guide you in creating the perfect speech, no matter who you are.

Best man speeches – Deliver your exceptional wedding speech

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Groom speeches – express how you really feel

Maid of Honor Wedding Speeches – a delight for everyone

Mother of the bride wedding speeches – Heartfelt words for that special day

When we realized that people want to hear a humorous, heart-felt wedding speech, we decided to write these books so anyone can give that perfect wedding speech. Our experience in creating wedding speeches includes attending numerous seminars on public speaking, speaking to expert speakers and sharing stories and ideas with hundreds of people needing wedding speeches to discover their hopes for the perfect wedding speach.

Our systematic process leads you through every step of the wedding speach writing process. Starting with presentation and topic selection, we will show you how to both write and deliver that perfect wedding speach or toast. We also offer numerous examples of the perfect wedding speeches, either to inspire you or provide material. No matter how reserved or anxious you might be, these guides will put you on the right track to make that wedding even more special, even before a massive audience.

Results are absolutely guaranteed! If you are unhappy with your speech package, we will give you a 100% refund. Simply contact us within 60 days of purchase and we will return the full amount. 

Arthur Levan and Patricia Bonte