Best Man Speech Ideas

You have been are asked to be a best man at someoneís wedding; you were super excited at first. And now, your heart is throbbing and palms are sweating with only the thought of standing in front a huge crowd with some familiar, but many strange faces of children, grandmas, grandpas, parents and young people. Anyone can feel nervous in such situation even if he is asked to be the best man at his best friendís wedding. Every best man wants to deliver the most memorable speech. Wedding toasts and wedding speeches are important and to make a unique and special best man speech is not so easy. But do not worry we have complied some useful best man speech ideas that can really help you on this great mission! A best man speech should not be very long- five to seven minutes are enough. So, you can choose a few ideas from the ones given below.

There will be many people in the ceremony you will be a stranger to. That is why a best man speech should always be started with the introduction of the best man, name followed by the relationship with the couple. Say thanks to the bride and groom for asking you to be the best man. It is how you can proceed and toast to the parents of the couple. After this traditional opening you can deliver your speech. Share some funny incidents of the wedding day. Discuss your relationship with the groom: how did you two meet and became friends? The excellent best man speech ideas comprise of perfect balance between fun, wittiness and emotions. Share with the audience some funny stories about the groomís work, study, hobbies and other achievements. Remember! Do not recall memories of his past love relationships.

Do not put so much humor otherwise; your speech will not sound funny; but humiliating. Do not tell jokes about the bride and the parents of the bridal couple. You can tease the groom, but be light. You can show some old photos and tell the audience stories related to the photos. You can share childhood memories, and can even bring his childhood toys or school award or some old sport T-shirt. Tell the audience how he told you about his love and what exactly he said. Share how he has positively changed; after meeting the love of his life. Share your perspective on the growing relationship between the bride and the groom and give some heartfelt comments. You can give some advice on love and marriage.  Finally, congratulate the couple and wish the very best of love and happy married life.

To be a best man at a wedding is a huge honor and the couple expects the very best speech from you. Unique best man speech ideas require a lot of home work. You have to write a speech multiple times before finalizing the best one. You can find some very well written and unique best man speech ideas on the internet but all those best man speech ideas can never beat the one that comes directly from your heart.

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