Best Man Speech Jokes

Doís and Doníts of humor

A wedding toast and a wedding speech are essential parts of a wedding ceremony. To be the best man and to raise the toast and deliver the speech is a great honor.  If someone has asked you to be the best man at their wedding, it means you are the closest person to them; they admire you and expect the best speech at their wedding. A best man speech is a combination of unique best man speech ideas and best man speech jokes. It should have the fun of humor and the feel of emotions too.

Humor is the most important part of best man speech because every guest attends a wedding ceremony to enjoy themselves and share their happiness and love for the couple. The crowd has people from all age groups: young, teenagers, kids, adults, older adults. That is why best man speech jokes should be funny enough to make everyone laugh, and clean enough to sound perfect for all the audience without making any offense and creating any awkwardness. The clean and funny stories should be shared. It is one of the reasons why best men find it quite difficult to share funny incidents and stories; rather than emotional ones.

Best man speech jokes should never be directed towards the bride. Never share any jokes that make fun of the bride. Women tend to get embarrassed and offended easily as compared to men. A wedding day is a huge day for the bride. That is why you should avoid every chance that could hurt her or make her feel embarrassed in front of all those people gathered to honor her wedding day. Another thing to be avoided is to include best man speech jokes about the parents of the bride or the groom. It is probably one of the very important points to remember. Even if you are very close to the parents of the bride or the groom; you must avoid any funny sentence about them.

Respect them and thank them and be decent and polite, while you do that. Never say anything about the financial side of the wedding ceremony- the expenses to plan the wedding day, the decorations, the quality of food and drinks, etc. or you can offend the parents of the bride. You can share all the funny stories about the groom, his work, his hobbies, his achievement, but never discuss his escapades with other women in the past. If you are a childhood friend of the groom; then you have an added advantage. You can share the funny childhood stories. You can show some stuff that he used to love when he was a child like his sportswear, his toys, etc. You can show some funny photos of hilarious and interesting moments of his life.

Remember, best man speech jokes are funny, simple, but clean. The couple gave you a great honor by asking you to be the best man at their wedding; and now it is your duty to honor them by your speech.

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