Best man Toast

Dos and Doníts of a Best Man Toast

When we say the words best man toast, we donít just mean getting up saying a few words and toasting to the new couple. When your best friend, brother or cousin asks you to speak at their wedding, they are expecting a just a little more than a few words from you followed by a toast. This means they are actually expecting a full-fledged speech from you. When you have been asked to be the best man you need to have your best man speech ready along with your best man toast.

When working on your toast you need to keep a few things in mind. Weddings are a family event and you friend would have his whole family, along with his new brideís family and friends present in the audience. There can be a lot of stories or jokes that crack your friend up when you guys are hanging out, but his wedding might not be an appropriate place for them. Similarly, if you want to share some stories refrain from an ex-girlfriend or spouse stories. His wedding is not the right place from them either. After all the emotional speeches; such as those by father of the bride people look forward to a best man toast, as they are light and humorous. Keep your toast light and funny, but there is a very fine line between being funny and rude. You should not include anything in your toast which might embarrass your friend.

When you select the topic of your best man toast, keep your audience in mind. Weddings have everyone from grandmothers and great aunts to young children. Your topic should be appropriate and engaging. As best man toasts are considered the most entertaining toasts of the evening, add in compliments; highlight your friendís good qualities. Often people include jokes regarding the institute of marriage, or how dissimilar men and women are in their toasts. This is a good idea as long as you keep the jokes within limits. Your jokes should not be offensive to anyone. You donít have to go overboard in trying to entertain your audience. Be innovative; and say something which is unique, but it should not be something which comes out as outright impolite or offensive.

It is ok to have a couple of drinks as you party, but please make sure you are sober at the time of the toast. You should definitely avoid the drunken best man clichť. If you are unable to stand on your feet you might entertain a few people but offend a greater number; including the newlywed couple. Also, if you are not sober; you never know what you might end up saying in your best man toast. You can party all you want when that is over. Your toast should be well rehearsed and should come from your heart. In trying to impress others; do not use fancy words, which donít sound natural. Lastly, it is important to relax and enjoy yourself, only then you would be able to entertain others.

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