Brides Wedding Speeches

Memorable words for the memorable day

It’s the most important day of your life, and an average speech just won’t do.

How do you imagine your bridal speech?

Do you want to create a perfect speech that will last in everyone’s memories?

Want to write your own speech from start to finish?

Do you feel anxiety or worry when speaking, or do you worry that you might be paralyzed with terror when you start speaking?

Do you need to a guide to take you from the first word to the last word when writing your speech?

Are you worried your writing and speaking skills will make your upcoming speech a failure?

I considered all these when creating my bridal speech package “Brides Wedding Speeches -Beautiful Words for the Big Day.”

The 20 included speeches, professionally-written, guarantee success.

This step by step guide allows you to create your own speech and present it with confidence and ease. This calmness will not only impress the newlyweds but also the entire audience, showing that you are now an expert public speaker.

Many people all over the world have used this guide to conquer their fears of public speaking and the heavy emotions of such an overwhelming day. Afterwards, they were delighted to have written and delivered such a successful speech quickly and easily. Don’t you want that same feeling?

Patricia Bonte, author of the Brides Wedding Speeches book.

In this book, you have 20 bride wedding speech to help you create your own unique wedding speech. Not only will it bring you through the entire writing process, but also show you how to present and deliver that perfect wedding speech to your audience.

Within a few minutes, all of this information can be yours!

Dear friend,

My name is Patricia Bonte and I wrote the book “Bridal Wedding Speeches—20 Quality Speeches”

 I am offering you a guide that provides the perfect source for that perfect bridal speech. 

How can I ensure this?

This guide is based on years of personal research, interviews with experts on public speaking and speech writing and information from numerous clients on their hopes for the perfect wedding speech

I created this guide for a wide audience, so anyone can find the information and guidance they need for their speech.

Most readers are delighted with the guide and give it credit for allowing them to deliver that perfect wedding speech easily and quickly.

“Bride speeches—20 High Quality Speeches” was written for you to help you write a speech that will leave your friends and family in awe. Since I am a specialist in bridal speeches, I have collected and included professionally-written speech examples to illuminate the entire process and deliver that speech with poise and style.

That monumental day is approaching quickly. With all the preparations you need to make, sometimes the wedding speech gets pushed to the side. But when that day actually comes, you will be grateful that you took the time and effort to learn how to deliver that speech, something the entire audience (and your husband) will remember.

That big speech can create some anxiety:

The entire audience will be focused on you and expecting a funny, unique speech.

You don’t want to deliver a boring, forgettable speech, but one that everyone will remember.

You want to make sure the audience is both surprised and delighted at your speech.

Just follow my easy directions and advice, and I will guarantee an original and exciting speech. Just imagine how it will feel to see hundreds of faces impressed and pleased by your speech, including friends and family.

On this special day, you should strive to create a surprise for your husband!

My bridal speech package will give you the success you want to make that special day more special!

Let me share why I am so confident in sharing this package with you. First, I have spent nearly a decade researching material for this book. I have attended numerous seminars and symposiums on public speaking and speech writing. I have sat down with speaking experts and those needing to deliver wedding speeches to see what requirements people had.

After all that research, I have created this unique collection of speeches, which has helped people from all over the world to create that perfect and memorable speech. These 20 funny and attractive speeches will give you the success you want on that special day. In following this guide, you will conquer both the trials of speech writing but also the difficulties of public speaking, eliminating shyness and fear.

If you really want to create a highlight for everyone on that special day, then this guide shows you all you need to know to make that speech astounding!

This is what the guide will offer you:

You have full access to 20 professionally-written bride speeches, which you can use whole or in part to create or inspire your own speech.

You can conquer the fear and anxiety of public speaking by learning numerous techniques and tips shared in this guide.

You will learn that speech writing can be fast and fun.

You can create the perfect tone for your speech, whether wanting to be humorous, sentimental or both.

You can learn how to add personal anecdotes to a speech, making it more special for you and the audience.

You can impress your friends and family with your speaking abilities.

You can deliver an excellent, astounding speech that will impress the entire audience.


To transform that ordinary speech into something extraordinary, this package has all you need:

20 high quality bridal speeches that are yours, free to copy, incorporate or inspire your own speech to get that perfect mix.

A comprehensive guide to writing and delivering the perfect wedding speech.

You will discover how to overcome your natural anxiety on speaking before a large group on such a formal day, and to be relaxed and at ease. You will learn how to make a delivery calm and natural.

You will learn how to control your body movements. From nervous ticks and twitches to pacing, volume and body posture, this guide will show you how to control those “uncontrollable” parts of the speaking process.

I guarantee this collection of speeches will help you create and deliver that unforgettable wedding speech. In fact, I am so sure of this package that I am offering you a 100% money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with this book, and if, for any reason, you are unhappy with it, simply contact me, and I will offer a full and complete refund, no questions asked and no paperwork to fill out.

Within minutes, all this information can be sent to you for full access.

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You might not know a lot about delivering wedding speeches now, but just think of how reading my book will transform you into a toast master.

It will turn you into a comfortable, relaxed speaker that sees speeches differently. You won’t panic at the thought of the wedding day. In fact, you will anticipate the day with excitement, knowing you will impress everybody there with your heartfelt and hilarious speaking abilities...they’ll think you’re a professional. After the big day, you’ll be filled with accomplishment and have a cherished memory of your special day and special speech.

Don’t hesitate another second! Order this package now and within a few minutes you’ll learn what it takes to create an extraordinary speech that amazes any audience. Since this is a guaranteed offer, what do you have to lose?

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I know you will be delighted with your purchase of “Bride Speeches—20 High Quality Speeches” and that your speech will delight everyone. This is the reason I am offering such a great 100% satisfaction guaranteed offer. If this book doesn’t prove to be the perfect source you hoped, just contact me, and I will send a full refund with no complications.

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