Father of the bride toasts

A Bit on Father of The Bride Toasts

Father of the bride toasts are the most emotional and somber part of the whole evening. As you see your daughter embark upon a new beginning, you can see her whole life flashing in front of your eyes. But you need to get over all your emotions and deliver a perfect speech. You can express all you feel through your toast. Although it is not always possible to express everything, but you can definitely share part of your heart with your daughter and the new man in her life through a well written and well prepared father of the bride toast.

Time for toasts is usually when the wedding has been completed and all the guests are seated for the reception. Toasts are either given after the couple has had their first dance, or after the meal has been served. Father of the bride toasts start off the toasting, followed by the best man, maid of honor and the groom and so on. If you have a wedding planner organizing the whole thing, he will tell you when to go. Otherwise, after everyone is seated you may stand up and tap your glass with a spoon and start you toast.

Father of the bride toasts should always start with the introduction and thanking the guests for coming to the wedding. Then you welcome the groom and his family into your family and say how well the couple looks together. Father of the bride toasts is never complete without you complimenting your daughter. You should also say a few words about how wonderful the ceremony was. It is then; you start with your speech. You could share some story from your daughterís childhood, or may be her first day at school or even tell how you felt when you were introduced to the groom. This could be anything you want to say. But remember, as a father you must be feeling very nostalgic and want to say a lot of things, so it is better to plan your toast well. Write what you want to share with the guests, and practice speaking it. You should also say something about how you felt when the bride and groom were saying their vows and tell your daughter how proud you are of her. In the end you could throw in a few words of advice for the young couple.  Raise and wave your glass towards the guests and end by tipping it towards the couple and take a sip.

You have given the toast for your daughter, so give your speech as if you are talking to your daughter. Let all the words come from your heart. Giving the toast could be a bit nerve racking but it is something that you just have to do, so do it with grace. Before you start preparing your toast, how about looking at a few examples of father of the bride toasts, for a little hand to get you started in the right direction.

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The Ultimate Father of the Bride Toast

You must be thinking that this day would never come; but your princess is about to become someone elseís queen. After months of planning and thinking the wedding day just comes all too quick. After you walk your daughter down the aisle, give her away, the ceremony takes place and then comes the time for father of the bride toast. You know this is something you canít escape, so why not tackle it with a plan.

The first step towards your ultimate father of the bride toast is to identify your audience. Along with the bride and groom, the groomís family, the coupleís friends and colleagues and off course your own family is going to be there. You would be meeting most of them for the first time. You donít want to say something that might offend someone at the gathering. Something you find humorous could be considered out right rude by someone else. Hopefully, you would know a bit about your son in law and his immediate family; so think of what you want to say keeping all these people in mind. But your daughter should be at the top of this list. Her wedding day is not the time share something she is embarrassed about, no matter how funny you think it is.

The second step is to brainstorm. When you are thinking of what to include in your toast, let your imagination run wild. Jot down anything you find interesting. Then sort through all those ideas, stories, anecdotes or even random words you have scribbled. You can then organize your thoughts and eliminate anything that you feel does not fit. Remember once again that you donít want to offend anyone; so scrutinize your ideas critically. Then you organize all this and come up with your perfect toast. Try to work on your toast in advance, so you have time to refine and edit it. Lastly, go over it several times before the wedding, till you know it by heart. Try practicing it with an audience, which could be your wife or friends but most certainly not your daughter.

It might be slightly difficult for you to come to terms with the new addition in your family, but your daughterís wedding day is not the occasion to think about it. It is the most important day of her life. So say the stuff that you have not been able to tell her through your father of the bride toast. Tell her how much you love her, and how proud you are of her. As the toast is for the couple, include your son-in-law in it. Tell how great you think they look together. Father of the bride toast is considered as the most somber speeches of the night, let the best man do the entertaining. Though you must be feeling emotional, share your feelings in a light hearted way.

Writing the ultimate father of the bride toast is like writing a script; keep your audience in mind, write and edit it and lastly make sure you have practiced it well before the big day.

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