Father of the bride

Being a Fabulous Father of the Bride

As soon as your little girl announces her engagement; you know something has changed. She might not be just your little girl anymore. She is a woman now, who has chosen the man of her life. As the wedding day approaches, you might be scared, nervous even a little reluctant. You may be wondering ‘has she made the right choice’? And so on. But remember this is the time when she needs you the most, even if she doesn’t admit it. The modern day father of the bride etiquettes, dos and don’ts have changed quite a bit. However, you may still be expected to do some of the traditional things. These include: paying a considerable portion of the wedding expenses and being the host on the big day. Make the traditional father of the bride speech. Walking your daughter down the aisle and giving her away to the groom.

Being the father of the bride doesn’t mean you have to be involved in planning every detail of the wedding; neither does it mean that your are there just to pay the bills. How much you get involved is entirely up to you; but do offer your help. You might be good at something, such as your skills with food or knowledge about wine or how about your eye for detail. You can help your daughter in tasting the wine for the big day, or maybe help her in deciding the venue or photographer. Weddings can be quite stressful, so stand by your daughter’s side and tell her to assign a few tasks to you. You could help her in addressing the invites or maybe dropping off the cake samples.

When the bride to be knows; that her dad is by her side, she feels a little less stressed automatically. Nothing can be more upsetting to a bride then her family not supporting her, or being disinterested in the whole thing. As she is beginning a new journey all the little gestures that you shower her with, would be cherished all her life. 

The father of the bride is expected to give a toast on the wedding day. Don’t forget about working on your toast in all the excitement. Work on it in advance, the words that come from your heart will surely bring a smile on your daughter’s face. You might know the groom, but be quite unfamiliar with his family. Try to familiarize with them before the big day, so you can be a great host and engage with them. Sometimes the frustrated bride to be needs a shoulder to cry on. She could be having pre-marriage jitters. Sometimes it could be the fitting of the dress, or the caterers, or some last minute changes about the venue. Or perhaps, she is just getting nauseated with all the advice that well wishing friends, aunts and brides maids have been poring over. Just let her know she can rely on you and connect with her. You will automatically be a fabulous father of the bride.

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