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Don’t you want to create a speech that everyone remembers?

Do you want to create a speech all on your own, one that everyone remembers?

Does speaking in front of a large crowd fill you with fear and anxiety?

Do you worry about crashing and burning during the speech?

Do you worry that you couldn’t possibly come up with a fantastic, exciting speech that people will love?

All those questions and more were in on mind when I created this speech.

The 20 father of the groom speeches included in this book were professionally-written and are guaranteed to inspire you.

Follow our guide, and you too can deliver an exciting, show-stopping speech, just like a professional speaker. Your confidence and grace will not only impress the entire audience, but also your son and new daughter. They will admire all the skills you will learn by simply reading this guide.

Thousands of people from all over the world have discovered this guide to be essential in creating a perfect speech and surmounting the difficulties of public speaking, which is a common fear. When they finished their speech, they were delighted to have made such a positive impression and impact on the audience. Do you want to do the same?

Arthur Levan, Father of the Groom Speeches book author


My friend,

You have received a great honor as being a father of the groom. Since this is such a monumental occasion for everyone, involving your friends and family, you need to create the best speech possible.

Being a father of the groom comes with a large responsibility and even larger hopes.

You don’t want to risk boring your audience with a long-winded, droning speech

You want to deliver a speech that makes the audience remember not only the bride and groom, but also you.

     Simply download this book and after a few pages, your anxieties and worries over your speech will melt away and be replaced by confidence and poise. Your speech will be anything but boring. Just picture how surprised and pleased your audience will be when you finish delivering this exciting speech.

As a father of the groom, it is your responsibility to give that great speech for your son and new daughter.

This father of the groom speech package is guaranteed to give you success.

Let me be straight and explain why I am so confident that I can give you success. First, I have dedicated substantial time over the last ten years to research and create this book. I attended seminars and symposiums on speech writing and public speaking. I spoke with experts to get their input. I also spoke with many people that were required to give wedding speeches, to see what their hopes and expectations were.

My experience and research culminated in this book, which has been utilized by people all over the world to help them write and deliver that perfect father of the groom speech. These 20 speeches are heartfelt and will inspire and surprise you. Stick with this guide, and you will gain the experience and abilities in public speaking that you desire. You will gain confidence and lose that shyness and worry.

If you are looking for that unforgettable speech that will move the entire audience, then this package teaches you all tips and tricks you need to make that speech successful.

This is what the guide will do:

At your fingertips are 20 professional wedding speeches, written specifically for you to use whole, in part or simply inspire. 

That shyness and fear you worry about will disappear as you give that speech if you use the techniques in this book.

You will realize that creating wedding speeches can be fun and exciting.

You will realize which tone fits the occasion best, whether you want to make the audience crack up or fill their eyes with tears.

You will learn how to personalize your speech with unique stories, which makes it memorable for the audience and for your son.

You will impress the newlyweds who will be delighted at the gift you gave them in delivering such a great speech.

You will create a speech that dazes the entire audience

Avoid those ordinary, boring speeches that are forgotten as soon as they are given. All the advice and instructions you need to do just that are contained in this book.

These 20 personal speeches can be used entirely or only in part, however you see fit.

A step-by-step guide to writing your own speech

You will realize that it’s easy to fight your nerves and worries and create a speech as easy and relaxed as a professional speaker. You can speak in a clam, relaxed tone that impresses all your friends and family.

You can ease your nerves and control your nervous ticks (which everyone has). This includes body movements, voice and tone, expressions and more.

This collection of speeches and how-to guide will show you how to present a memorable speech. I know this book will help you. In fact, I am so confident in this that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with any part of this book, simply contact me and I will deliver a complete and unquestioned refund. No paperwork, no questions.

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Right now, you are worried about that wedding speech. You are worried about writing it and delivering it. But after reading my book, your fears will melt away and be replaced by confidence and know-how.

This book teaches you how to reframe public speaking and look at it positively. Your anxiety of that monumental day will disappear. Instead, you’ll look forward to it with excitement, since you know you’ll impress the audience of family and friends. You will speak will poise and confidence. Just think of all the great memories you’ll have after delivering a great speech. 

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