Funny Wedding Speeches

Basics for Funny Wedding Speeches

Most of us find the idea of public speaking quite frightful, but as someone close to you is getting married, you have been asked to be the best man or the maid of honor. Along with all the excitement it means giving your speech. Funny wedding speeches are always enjoyed by the audience after the more somber and touchy ones. However, when trying to incorporate humor in your speech you should keep a few things in mind.

Funny wedding speeches do not mean adding a joke or two into your speech. It means including your own sense of humor to it. Believe it or not, funny speeches are one of the hardest to do. You might find something really funny, but donít expect your audience to react in the same way. If you are the best man, there could be some crazy story about the groom which has you and your pals literally rolling on the floor; but if it has something to do with his sexual rendezvous or some incident with his ex; his wedding day is not the right place to talk about it. Similarly, your attempt at humor could be considered vulgar by some, and you donít want to do that. Another thing about the funny wedding speeches is that though they are always welcomed by the audience, it is not necessary that you would hear applaud of laughter at every place you expect to.

When thinking of doing a funny speech you should remember that giving a funny speech does not mean you become a standup comedian. A good funny wedding speech is a balanced mix between the sentimental stuff associated with all weddings and the occasional jokes about the institution of marriage. Just like traditional speeches, funny wedding speeches should start with your introduction, thanking the guests and complimenting the couple. Then you move towards the lighter part of your speech. Everybody loves a funny childhood memory. As you share it donít do it at the expense of your friend.  Read out your speech to someone before the wedding, to see what sort of a response you get. Make sure you know the words well and practice your timings, as timings are everything in comedy.

Humor; whether intentional or not is always a crowd pleaser, it not only pleases your guests but also help you relax so you can proceed more naturally. Weddings are a merry occasion and if you select your jokes smartly you will surely receive more than a few hearty laughs. Sometimes, the laughs might come when unexpected, donít get off your stride. Laugh along the audience and enjoy yourself.

The best wedding speeches blend humor, sentiments, compliments and wishes for the couple. When trying to be funny donít go overboard. It is not a good idea to include too many jokes in your speech. As you add the jokes make sure they fit in, and the audience can relate to them. You can take a look at some funny wedding speeches to give you an idea about how to come up with a well rounded funny, yet sentimental wedding speech.

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