Maid of Honor Toast

How to Give a Maid of Honor Toast

Ok, so you agreed to be your best friendís maid of honor and are totally thrilled about your friend tying the knot. But, what about the part where you have to get up there and give your maid of honor toast? We know it can make just about anyone nervous, but donít worry this article tells you exactly how to tackle that maid of honor toast and how to be rid of those nervous butterflies in your stomach.  When you agree to speak at a friendís wedding you should take it seriously as it is both; a tribute and a big responsibility, towards making your friendís big day memorable.

When giving a toast, you are like a storyteller, who is sharing an important story with the guests. Make sure you write this story in advance and go through it several times. Try to come up with a rough draft at least two to three weeks before the wedding. It would prevent those last minute panicky scrawling on the napkins. When you work on your toast, it is ok to be innovative but the basics are: starting with thanking the couple for making you part of their big day and expressing your excitement. Then you can add a joke, or some story which gives an insight to the brideís personality, followed by some advice. You could throw in a quote or may be a line from your favorite book or movie here. Lastly, wish the couple well for their new beginning and conclude it by raising the glass to the couple and donít forget to take a sip from it. Donít feel pressured about making the toast humorous or adding a quote; just be you. Speak naturally, and if you want to quote someone; make sure it fits in. Donít just add it for the sake of quoting someone. If you plan to include something a bit outlandish, make sure you check with your friend or consult someone who knows the couple well.

When giving a maid of honor toast it is very important to keep it personal, something that truly expresses your feelings but keep it short and sweet. Once you have gone through your toast and edited it, practice speaking and time yourself. Work on your toast like you would on a college assignment or a presentation.

Usually, maid of honor toast is given once everyone is seated, and champagne has been served. Start by clanking the glasses to get everyoneís attention. Some people find it slightly offensive if you hold an empty glass. Itís ok if you are not a drinker, you can have any sort of beverage in your glass. Do not be nervous when all eyes are on you. Keep calm, or at least look it. But remember to be yourself and not to fake it.

Itís ok to be nervous, no one would notice if your hands are slightly shaky. Go up there with a big smile on your face, and speak your words slowly and clearly. Remember, as you give your maid of honor toast it is your moment to shine. Enjoy it!

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