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Offer everyone a pleasant surprise

Your opportunity to write and present a charming speech to your friends and family on that special occasion.

This guide gives you complete access to 20 professionally-written speeches to inspire your own speech. Using this guide, we will lead you through the entire process of speech writing and presentation.

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What do you worry about when thinking of your speech?

Do you want to make the night more magical by creating a speech everyone remembers?

Are you worried about disappointing the bride, who is depending on you for this speech?

Are you afraid you might be paralyzed with fear in front of the audience?

Do you suspect you might be embarrassed?

  Do you have no faith in your writing skills and think the speech might flop?

I carefully considered all those feelings when writing this speech package.

The 20 maid of honor wedding speeches are written professionally to guarantee success.

Prevent being overcome with emotions and present a unique and exciting speech using this step by step guide. You’ll carry that feeling all day around the newlyweds, making their beautiful day even more beautiful, while also leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

People all over the world have used this guide to overcome their own emotions and fears in writing and delivering a speech on such a monumental occasion.

They were relieved and delighted to have made such a great speech and were full of satisfaction after the event. Don’t you want to feel that way?

Patricia Bonte, author of the book Maid of honor speeches.


Dear Maid of Honor,

You have been honored with the responsibility of being the maid of honor. You know this day means the world to the bride, so you don’t want to disappoint her. You are fully aware that:

It is a big responsibility with bigger expectations to be a maid of honor.

You want to ensure your speech stays original and exciting, and leaves the audience with a precious memory.

You want to astonish the audience and leave a lasting positive impression.

Just follow these easy and expert directions, and you will create an extraordinary speech. Imagine how satisfied you will feel to please your audience and make that special day even more special for the newlyweds.

 As a maid of honor, making a great speech is your duty!

This maid of honor package offers you guaranteed success!

Let me explain my reasons for believing this guide is exactly what you need. I spent ten years researching the skills required for public speaking. I joined many seminars and classes on public speaking and speech writing. I discussed ideas with experts and also spoke with many former and current clients to understand their hopes for their wedding speech.

This collection of speeches is the culmination of all that study and research, which thousands of people all over the world have used to create a memorable speech. These 20 funny and exciting speeches will guarantee you success. In following this guide step by step, you will overcome fears and master the tricks and tips used by professional speakers. You will be confident, and you will make a maid of honor speech without being plagued by worries and anxiety.

If you desire a speech that the entire audience will remember as a highlight, then this guide has everything you need to make that happen!

This is exactly what the guide will provide for you:

You can use the 20 high quality maid of honor speeches as inspiration or copy parts and incorporate them into your own speech.

You will drop the anxiety and shyness when you use the techniques shown in this book.

You will discover how fast and fun it can be to write a maid of honor speech.

You will know how to incorporate the correct tone into your speech to fit the occasion, whether looking for something formal or funny.

You can add a few jokes or anecdotes to your maid of honor speech, which will ease the atmosphere

Along with the entire audience, the bride will be impressed and know she made the right decision choosing you as her maid of honor.

You know that your speech will impress everyone that attends the reception, even the waiters and waitresses.  

Ensure you deliver a speech that is anything but ordinary! With this guide, you have everything you need:

20 high quality maid of honor speeches that are yours to edit, use or inspire for your own wedding speech.

Full information on the speech writing process

You will quickly learn how to conquer your own fears and deliver a speech in an easy and calm way that impresses everyone.

You will control you nerves and body, control your voice, and use gestures and expressions during the speech that exude confidence and relaxation.

I am certain this guide will assist you with your speech. In fact, I am so sure that I am offering a 100% guarantee on this package. If you unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact me, and I will give you a full refund, no questions, no paper work and no complications. This 100% money back guarantee demonstrates how confident I am that this is the perfect package for you.

With this book, you have all the information needed to make that astounding maid of honor speech available on your computer within minutes.

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Right now, your upcoming speech fills you with worry and anxiety, and you’re not sure how to write the best one possible. But after reading my book, all this will change

You will lose that worry and anxiety and learn to see speech writing differently. You won’t dread that speech anymore and lose the panic. In fact, the thought of your speech and the big day will fill you with excitement and happiness, knowing that everyone will be impressed with your professional skills. At the end of the big day, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction and compliments of the audience, walking away with beautiful memories of the day you were the maid of honor.

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I am positive this guide is exactly what you need to create the perfect speech for that special day. I am so confident that I am offering a 100% money back guarantee. Simply contact me and I will have the entire amount refunded to you. No questions asked, no formalities, and no paper work needed.

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