Mother of the bride speech

Your daughter deserves the best: a sweet and moving speech for an incredible day

That is the ideal gift you could offer your daughter for the most beautiful day of her life. I will show you exactly what to write, how to write and how to deliver a memorable and exciting speech as the mother of the bride.

How do you picture your speech?

-          Do you want to make a special speech everyone will remember?

-         Would you like to be able to write your own great speech from scratch?

-          Are you shy; are you afraid to speak in front of an audience thinking you are going to freeze?

-          Would you be happy to be guided step by step on the writing of your speech?

-          Are you convinced you have no writing skills and that your speech will be a failure?

I thought about all these things when I made the mother of the bride speech package "Mother of the bride speeches"

The 20 speeches are written in a professional manner, success is guaranteed.

By following the guide step by step, you can make your own mother of the bride speech and present it with confidence, without getting too emotional. That is how you will find yourself around the newlyweds during the most beautiful day of their life and leave a great impression to the audience.

This guide was useful to people all around the world, who needed it, like you, to overcome the emotions triggered by such a speech full of responsibilities. After the event, they were all happy to have made such a great speech, which had been easily and quickly written. Do you want to feel the same?

Patricia Bonte, author of the book Mother of the bride speeches


You have access to 20 speeches depending on your inspiration, to create your own unique and perfect speech. We will guide you step by step to write the speech, and you will get advice about how to present it to the audience.

You can access all this information within minutes!

Dear Mother of the Bride,

My name is Patricia Bonte, author of the book Mother of the Bride speeches. I will offer you a guide that is the best source for your exceptional speech. How do I know ?

-          The book is based on many years of research, many talks with experts on speech writing and about discussions with current and former clients to see what their expectations are.

-          I wrote this book for a diverse audience, so that everyone can easily find the specific information they need

-          Most of my readers have said that they were very happy with the quality of my book, thanks to which they were able to write and deliver a better speech.

I wrote the book "Mother of the Bride Speeches"  thinking about you and your need to deliver a speech that will leave your family and above all, your daughter speechless.

As a professional writer, I put together for you a collection of exceptional speeches and will teach you, step by step, how to deliver your speech with confidence and style.


The big day has arrived: the day when your beloved daughter is getting married. It is your duty to offer her an impressive speech for this unique occasion. But every time you think about your speech, you feel lost and have no idea about what to put in it and what should be left aside.

You have so many things to say, childhood memories, your special connection with her, how proud you are of her for her realizations, how happy you are to see her getting married to such an exceptional man.

It is so difficult to put so many different emotions into appropriate words. And that makes the work of writing a mother of the bride speech even more difficult!

Thinking of it gives you some anxiety:

-          The whole room will be staring at you, expecting a funny, elegant and unique speech from you.

-          You cannot have an ordinary speech, but an impressive and exciting speech

-          You want the audience to be pleased and surprised and to remember your speech for a long time.

I guarantee you that you will overcome all those fears if you follow my directions, and your speech will not be ordinary, it will be exceptional. Just think about how happy you will feel to see your audience pleased, and the newlyweds moved by your performance.

It is your duty to make a nice surprise to your dear daughter!

My mother of the bride speech package will grant you the success you want!

I know this is a very straight up thing to say but let me explain you why I am so confident. First of all, you need to know that I have dedicated the past ten years doing researches for this book. I have attended many seminars about writing speeches; I have met with experts and also talked to people who have to make a wedding speech, in order to understand their needs and expectations.

The results of those years of experience are this collection of speeches, which has helped thousands of people all over the world to have a memorable speech. You will also have lots of success with these 20 very funny, attractive and unique speeches. Besides, by following this guide step by step, you will master the techniques of speaking in front of an audience, you will be confident, you will make a speech without being nervous and you will get rid of shyness.

If you want your speech to be memorable and moving, then this guide will reveal everything you need to know to make sure your speech ends up being a success!

More precisely, here is what the guide will do for you:

-           You will have access to 20 high quality mother of the bride speeches, from which you can take the best parts and use them to create your own unique speech

-          You lose the emotions and shyness discovering the techniques of speech delivery that you will find in the guide

-          You will see that writing a speech can be fast and enjoyable.

-          You will choose the tone that fits the speech, whether it is funny, elegant or exciting

-          You can add a few jokes of anecdotes to your speech, which will ease the atmosphere

-          Your daughter and her husband will be impressed and proud of your performance

-           You can be sure that you will deliver an excellent speech that will really impress the audience


Make sure your speech is not ordinary, but EXTRA-ordinary! You have all the tools you need:

-           20 high quality mother of the bride speeches that you can copy, modify, change to get the perfect version

-           Complete information about the how to write a speech

-          You will learn to overcome your emotions and learn how to present a speech while being detached and relaxed. You will learn to deliver a speech in a calm and impressive way.

-          You will learn how to control your body, how to use your body movements and your face expression during a speech, how to modulate your voice, and how to stay calm and relaxed during the day of the wedding.

I am convinced that this collection of speeches will help you a lot and will enable you to present an exceptional speech. I am so sure of the success of those speeches that I offer satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 100%! for this book. If you are not satisfied a hundred percent with our speech package, let me now and I will send your money back without any questions asked or paperwork requested.

You can have all the information needed to make a great speech within minutes, on your computer.

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Right now, you do not know a lot about wedding speeches. But just think about how confident you will feel about speaking in public after you read my book.

You will be more confident, more relaxed, you will see things differently. The thought of the wedding day will not make you panic anymore, on the contrary, you will look forward to the moment you will be impressing everybody, with your touching, funny and elegant eloquence - just like a speech written by a professional. At the end of the day, you will have that amazing feeling of accomplishment and will have only beautiful memories related to that very moment, when you were the best man.

So, do not hesitate! Order this book right now and within a few minutes, you will be able to write this extraordinary speech that will amaze the audience. Besides, you have nothing to lose, this is a 100% money back guaranteed offer!

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The book is in PDF and you can read it from any computer (PC or MAC) or smartphone. You can read the book straight from your computer screen or you can even print your own copy.

I am sure that you will be thrilled by the book "Mother of the Bride Speeches" and that it will improve your speech significantly! This is why I offer you a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product and you would like to get your money back, you just need to let me know. I will send you the payment no complicated requests or formalities necessary.

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