Speeches for Weddings

Are you looking for good speeches for weddings? Are you the bride, groom, best man, maid of honour? Or even parents of the people getting married? Wedding speeches are an important part of the wedding process. It is the only time you get to share with everyone, how you truly feel about the ones getting married. It should be heartfelt, it should allow people to learn something new about the couple, and it is also recorded and watched after 20 years.

Speeches for weddings can be found online everywhere, however, very few websites actually give you templates you can copy. I mean who has the time to write 20 wedding speech templates for you to copy right? Writing a wedding speech is extremely time consuming, which is why you can't find free speeches for weddings everywhere online.

Most public universities require a basic communications course, which usually concentrates on public speaking. Since this skill set is common in many industries, from engineering to education, universities include this as a requirement in almost every major.

Although a sixteen-week course is not required to master the wedding toast, the highlights of Public Speaking certainly help.


No matter how well a speaker knows the audience, they still need to decide what topic to use for the speech. In the twenty speeches included in this, I went ahead and picked subjects, but for those wanting more independence, take some time to consider.

Wedding speeches have several purposes. First, they should be funny, at least in part. Making an audience laugh is a great way to establish a light-hearted mood. That doesn’t mean the entire thing should be a series of dirty jokes (remember, someone’s grandma is probably in the crowd) but a few jokes help lighten the mood and also prevent things from becoming too nostalgic (but a little nostalgia should always be included in the speech, otherwise it’s not a wedding speech). Use personal experience, memories or anecdotes from other relatives. Any of these make great star for the perfect wedding speech.

To check out 20 perfect speeches for weddings examples, please click here 20 Wedding speeches

Wedding Speeches

Think of all the speeches you have ever seen. Go all the way back to your childhood, when the teacher stood in front of the class to wrangle children together for Show and Tell. All the speeches, all the presentations seemed SO easy when you watched them, whether live or on television, that it seems public speaking was an easy, thoughtless task. No big deal.


            Then remember your first attempt at it. Your beating heart. Dozens or even hundreds of eyes on you, some of them your peers, your friends, that boy or girl you wanted to ask out… Hands get sweaty. You try to remember what to say. You open your mouth to speak and all that comes out is a weak croak…

            The perception versus the reality of public speaking varies greatly, and only those that have stepped in front of a group know this. Chances are, EVERYONE will have to perform some kind of public speaking. For you, that time is in the form of a wedding speech as a father of the groom, one of the most common (and most nerve-wracking) times for speaking.


            But do not fear! Although you have a crowd of friends, family and strangers before you, they are all rooting for you. No one wants someone to tank their wedding speeches, and with this book and a little preparation, you can succeed. Also, the lighthearted mood and general goodwill work in your favor. These wedding speeches can be fun and frivolous. Imagine giving a lecture on Shakespeare to high school freshmen! Now that’s scary!


In this website there are twenty samples of wedding speeches written from the perspective of important members from the wedding. You can use them verbatim (with some obvious changes), you can mix several together or you can get creative and only use them as a starting point to construct your own. Visit here for 20 wedding speech examples.



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