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Writing a Wedding Speech: How About Taking Help from Wedding Speech Examples

Weddings are a wonderful time, not just for the bride and groom; but also those around them. Weddings are all about, wedding dress, tuxedos, cakes, balloons, delicious food, and toasts and off course the wedding speech. Just the thought of getting up there and talking in front of all those people makes most of us nervous. But if your best friend or sister or brother has asked you to do the honor on their special day; the thought of wedding can become a bit appalling. This means coming up with something which would be enjoyed by everyone at the wedding, and mean something to the couple. In order to prepare yourself for the big day you should look at a few wedding speeches examples.

Wedding speeches examples can give you ideas about what you want to put in your speech. If you have known the bride or groom all your life you would definitely want to say a lot of things, but are scared of boring the guests. We have all been to one of those weddings where the speaker would just go on and on and on. In order to get started first get a plain sheet of paper and scribble down a few ideas. Then you can list the qualities of the bride and groom separately and how they complement each other. If you can think of any memorable wedding speech, you will see that it would have a hint of humor; which could be an anecdote or a one-liner. You could share something from your childhood or talk about how the bride and groom met. The key is to start in advance. You can jot down random ideas and donít worry you can sort through them later. But if you are thinking of adding humor to your speech, keep in mind that it has to be in good taste, nothing too personal.

As most weddings are a family affair, think of stuff which everyone in the gathering can relate to. The wonderful thing is that now you can find a lot of wedding speeches examples online. They will not only give you ideas about your speech; but also help you to sort through your ideas. The first thing to remember though is that start looking at these wedding speeches examples in advance. One thing about an interesting speech is that it is never too long. Keep it short, something between 4 to 5 minutes.

As you go through wedding speeches examples you will see every speech has a personal touch to it. You can add some wonderful story about you and your friend, or some memory that you made with the couple. One more thing, be yourself! Complimenting the couple doesnít have to mean overdoing it. Start your speech by welcoming the guests, then compliment the couple, add some story or incident and end your speech by giving your best wishes. If you are already married you could also add a few tips of your own for a successful married life.  Remember, the key to a good wedding speech is that itís personal, engaging, short and simple.

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