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Why Take Help from Wedding Toast Examples

Weddings are one of the most exciting events ever. Whenever someone close to you is starting their new life you want to do something special by making their big day memorable. Giving a wedding toast which is unique yet heartfelt could be just that ‘something special’. It is always a good idea to look at some wedding toast examples, before you get started with yours. As every wedding is as unique as the couple having it; you can go through a number of wedding toast examples, and then adjust the wordings of the toasts accordingly.

Everyone wants to say something different, something funny and something which would be remembered. You should start working on a wedding toast at least three to four weeks before the big day. Leaving the toast till the last moment is never a good idea. Depending upon your relationship with the bride or groom, you may have loads to say. If you take notes of what you want to say, then edit them and decide the order in which you want to mention whatever you have come up with. Sometimes your thoughts could be too random. Looking at wedding toast examples can be a big help. They can give you an idea about what sort of a tone you want to speak in; weather you want to be humorous or personal or just want to highlight some of your friend’s qualities.

Most of the guests are familiar with one half of the couple and their side of the family. Before writing your toast, try to get familiar with the other half. Although you can toast to just one person but including their better half is always nicer. If you are friend’s of the groom and not entirely familiar with your fiend’s new bride; it is not a very good idea to include some very personal jokes or stories in your toasts. You might want to make your toast funny, but entertaining should not be done on the other person’s expense. As not only their family, but also their new in-laws are present at the wedding. Remember there is a very fine line between being funny and offending someone. If you look at wedding toast examples, you will come up with a number of poor husband jokes, or quotes on what a bride is getting herself into. These examples can make your toast a total class act, instead of something improper. It is always a tempting idea to keep your toast short, but sometimes the couple may be expecting more than just a few words. However, this doesn’t mean you make a full speech out of your toast. Three to four minutes is quite appropriate. Make the couple sound interesting and tell why you are excited about them getting together. End you toast by wishing the couple all the best for their new journey.

 Lastly, as you go through wedding toast examples, remember to color the couple through the lens you view them from. The examples are guidelines for you to form your own unique toast, which shows your personal style. Make the toast personal, sincere and genuine.

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Wedding Toast

How to Give a Wedding Toast

Someone close to you is getting married. You are really excited for them and want to share this excitement. Giving a wedding toast is a perfect way to do so. Giving a toast expresses your feelings toward the couple and a unique wedding toast is often remembered for a long time. If you have never given one before you might be slightly nervous, but don’t worry this page gives you a very simple guideline to how you should go about it.

Start by making notes. You can use flash cards or jot them on a piece of paper. Even if you like spontaneity; waiting for the last moment and thinking you will just raise that glass and say whatever comes to your mind is not such a good idea. Make notes, go through them and form an outline of what you want to include in the toast. Once you have a basic idea as to what you want to put in your wedding toast, practice it well. You can practice in front of a mirror with a kitchen timer or a stop watch to time yourself. An appropriate length for a toast is somewhere between 2 to 3 minutes. Remember it’s a toast and not exactly a speech. Your toast should be personal and come from your heart. The notes you make on the flash cards are just to give you a guideline and you are not to read from them. Glancing at your notes once in a while and making eye contact with your audience makes you sound natural.

You might not be the only person who wants to make a toast for the couple. Wait for your turn. Usually father of the bride is the first one to go. At some formal wedding there would be a toast maker, if so wait for his cues. Usually toasts are made once people have had their meals but before the desserts. In informal weddings toasts are made after the couple’s first dance.

 Before making the wedding toast, make sure all glasses including yours are filled. Raise your glass to the person you want to toast to or tap the edge of your glass. Start by saying “I would like to make a toast”. Once you have everyone’s attention; introduce yourself and how you know the couple, and then as you speak bring down your glass, but do not let go of it. While talking, look at the couple but shift your eyes occasionally and look at the other guests. As you reach the end, end your toast with a positive note. Simply say something like “to bride and groom” (their names) or “let us toast to the happiness of bride and groom”. As you come to the end of your wedding toast gently wave the glass to everyone and tip it towards the couple. If you are sitting close to the couple clink your glasses; otherwise clink it with whoever is sitting close to you, and gently sip from it and sit down. If the person you have toasted to toast back at you, simply smile, keep on sitting but wait for the person to finish before sipping your drink.

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Wedding toasts

Some Useful Tips and Guidelines.

Wedding toasts play a very important role in wedding ceremonies. Wedding toasts can be executed in a number of ways depending on the: couple, guests, and the speech giver. Speeches of the wedding toasts should be crowd pleasing, light and sentimental at the same time. The wedding toasts are captured in cameras and these moments are trapped in those videos for ever. That is why planning and delivering a speech with the perfect style and choosing your words with a beautiful blend of wittiness, fun and sentiments directly from your heart is very essential. To be the best man is a great honor and you would want to make this moment memorable and special for the couple. Following is a step-by-step guide and some tips to prepare a speech and delivering it in the right manner.

First, when asked to be a best man at someone’s wedding take some time to think about it. A wedding is a huge occasion in anyone’s life and you would not want to spoil their memories by making a terrible speech. Second, when you decide to be the best man, first and foremost, try to jot down all the positive and funny memories you have about the couple. Remember; keep the funny ones only, and not the humiliating ones. Never ever bring a story about the ex-girlfriends or spouses etc.

Third, try to put up the memories in words and keep it simple and PG rated. There would be many children in that crowd. And don’t forget about the grandmas and grandpas! You would not want to make an awkward speech in front of them. Try including some clean jokes and make it light and funny. Do not make any jokes about the bride. You can tease the groom, but be decent. Do not talk about the wedding expenses. Do not involve the parents of the bride or the groom in your jokes even if you know them. Fourth, practice your written speech as many times as you want, in front of a mirror. It is a very useful tip that brings confidence in you, and you feel comfortable while delivering the speech on the wedding day in front of all the attendees. Ask someone to listen to your speech and rehearse it in front of your friends. Your speech should be at least about five minutes.

Remember, wedding toasts when delivered wrongly can spoil the whole wedding ceremony. Start by tapping your glass with a spoon to attract all the guests. Introduce yourself; as you may not know many of the audience. Do not make it about yourself. Just tell your name and your relationship with the couple very briefly. Feel free to be funny and witty and make others; especially the bride and the groom laugh. Their special moments must be special, memorable and enjoyable. Be loud and clear even if you have a microphone. No one would like to hear a 5 minutes mumble. End your speech with a warm message and hearty wishes for the couple.

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